10 of the Most Extreme Celebrity Transformations for a Role

These celebrity transformations will surprise and may also scare you. Some actors take it to a whole new level to give it the best for a role. We give a standing ovation to these stars that really show their dedication for their work.

1. Christian Bale

He lost a whopping 62 lbs for his role in The Machinist.


2. Tom Hardy

He gained 30 lbs of muscle for his role in Warrior then again another 30 lbs for his role in The Dark Knight Rises.


3. Charlize Theron

She had to gain 30 lbs to play a role of as the serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, in Monster.


4. Natalie Portman

She lost 20 lbs from her healthy weight to play a role of a ballerina in Black Swan.


5. Matthew McConaughey

He lost 38 lbs to play a role of an AIDS sufferer in Dallas Buyers Club.


6. 50 Cent

He needed to lose 60 lbs to play a role of a senior running back that was diagnosed with cancer in All Things Fall Apart.


7. Robert De Niro

He had to gain 80 lbs of muscle to play the middleweight boxer Jake LaMotta then binge eat for 4 months the play the same character but aging and overweight in Raging Bull.


8. Jake Gyllenhaal

He lost over 20 lbs for his role in Nightcrawler.


9. Hugh Jackman

He lost 15 lbs through dehydration for his role in Les Miserable.


10. Tom Hanks

He had to lose 55 lbs to play for his role Castaway as a stranded man on an deserted island.


Written by Mary Ann Nacional

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