10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures That Went Well

It is always a breath of fresh air to open up the pages of the celebrity gossip columns and see a celebrity surgery that has actually gone well. Furthermore, with the – how shall I put it? – more extreme versions of surgery which seem to be emerging in celebrity culture, it would seem that the preferred approach is now actually to go for a surgery that is so subtle that most people don’t even know you’ve had it.

Here is a list for you of what we’d definitely describe as the more successful stories. We can save the nightmares for another time.

1. Hollywood’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston.

Who better to begin with than the world’s most beloved comedy actress, Miss Aniston. It is most definitely not something that everyone will be aware of, especially due to her stunning beauty that never ceases to amaze us, but Jen actually took the step of having her nose operated on in order to repair a deviated septum before she joined the cast of Friends back in 1994.

Jennifer Aniston Before and After

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2. Latino Heartthrob, Enrique Iglesias.

There was no denying that Enrique Iglesias had a very unique birthmark on his face when he first hit the music scene back in 1995. However, there was a period in 2003 when he reappeared on the scene with it having noticeably disappeared. Oh Enrique, you didn’t have to do that. The world loved you either way, but perhaps it was something he felt he needed to do, not least because of the risk of skin cancer it could pose.

Needless to say we can definitely count him on the list of surgery success stories with his devilishly handsome Spanish looks always shining through.

Enrique Iglesias before surgery

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Enrique Iglesias after surgery

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3. The Pop Princess, Ashlee Simpson.

One of the more widely publicized surgeries of the past decade, teen sensation Ashlee Simpson has always been very vocal about the ‘unachievable expectations’ of beauty in Hollywood. Henceforth, she did not make any attempt hide the fact that in 2006 she took the step of having surgery to alter the size and bridge of her nose. 

It is actually very refreshing to see some honesty in an otherwise fickle world, so Ashlee, we very much salute you. On top of this, it is definitely one of the more successful surgery stories of recent years.

Ashlee Simpson Before and After SurgeryImage Source:

4. The Legendary Michael Douglas.

You’ve got to love Michael Douglas. I mean, after overcoming so much adversity in his life including a very public battle with cancer and a near-on divorce with his wife Catherine Zeta Jones that he was luckily able to reconcile, he is well within his rights to have a little work done to delay the ageing process. And hats off to him, his facelift looks pretty remarkable, if you ask me.

Michael Douglas face lift

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5. Blonde Beauty, Blake Lively.

Much like the formidable beauty of Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively isn’t someone widely associated with having had cosmetic surgery. Described by many as the quintessential natural American beauty, it is hard to know what she’d need to change. In this instance it is the dreaded nose again and she henceforth undertook surgery to alter its appearance in 2013.

Blake Lively before and after nose jobImage Source:

6. Hollywood’s Rising Star, Zac Efron.

Another celebrity whose surgical endeavours are lesser known, you can’t blame Zac Efron for getting his nose fixed if it was really getting him down. However, we would advise you to stop here Zac. You are now perfect to us, and indeed the rest of the world for that matter, in every way.

Zac Efron before and after nose jobImage Source:

7. The Lifestyle Guru, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Across her wide spanning career, there is no question that Miss Paltrow has divided opinion with her somewhat extreme, and at times judgemental ideas about health and lifestyle choices. Therefore, it is slightly baffling to think that she has had work done to prolong her youthful looks. Aren’t you trying to imply your beauty is inspired by the way you live your life, Gwyneth?

The world could perhaps be forgiven for finding this slightly hypocritical but nonetheless you look great so that isn’t under any dispute.

Gwyneth Paltrow before and after surgery

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8. Demi Moore and the full body makeover.

Demi Moore is definitely one of the more extreme versions of celebrity surgeries in terms of the amount that she’s had, which includes but is not limited to breast augmentation, liposuction, knee surgery, collagen injections, dental veneers and even an eyebrow lift.

This was all undertaken before the relaunch of her career in 2003 when she starred in Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle. And all we can say is well done really, because not only did people rave about how amazing she looked, she also managed to bag Ashton Kutcher as a husband, if only for a short while (but that’s another blog post!).

Demi Moore before and after surgeryImage Source:

9. The People’s Princess, Kate Middleton.

One of the most widely speculated of the celebrity surgeries out there, Kate Middleton has reportedly had work done on her teeth to achieve that picture perfect smile we all know and love. And if you look at the before pictures then it is hard not to blame her. Either way, we don’t judge her one bit.

When you have that much smiling to do on a regular basis then you’d definitely want to have some kind of reassurance that your teeth will always look amazing.

Kate Middleton before and after

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10. Tom Cruise and The Ultimate Celebrity Surgery Makeover.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t saved the best ‘til last here. I often go back to this old picture of Tom Cruise, not only to relive the Top Gun / Cocktail days, but also to underline why his dental veneers are one of the best celebrity surgery makeovers that has ever taken place. Why did he wait?

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and AfterImage Source:

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