10 Times Celebrities Have Looked Like Cartoons

What could be better than our two favourite things – celebrities and cartoons – meeting together in one complete list of uncanny lookalikes? You will have to see some of these to believe just quite how similar they are…

1. Robin Williams and ‘The Genie’.

There is no better place to start than one of the most iconic celebrity cartoon lookalikes of all time: the late Robin Williams and his beloved counterpart ‘The Genie’. This is slightly different to the other examples on this list, in that the producers of Aladdin actually designed the character around Robin himself before he voiced it, and it’s not hard to see why. He was literally one of the funniest, charismatic and loved celebrities in the world so why not transcend that magic into a cartoon character?

Robin Williams and The Genie

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2. Jessica Chastain and ‘Jessica Rabbit’.

Now I’m not trying to generalise the whole ‘red hair, red dress’ thing but you have to admit that Jessica Chastain (of Zero Dark Thirty and Interstellar fame) looks the spitting image of the inimitably sexy Jessica Rabbit?

Jessica Chastain and Jessica Rabbit

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3. Gary Oldman and ‘Ned Flanders’.

Admittedly, I am a self-confessed Gary Oldman fan so you can imagine my joy at the realisation that he is an absolute doppelganger for my favourite Simpsons character Ned Flanders. Don’t you agree?

Gary Oldman and Ned Flanders

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4. Anne Hathaway and ‘Belle’.

This is definitely one of those lookalike situations where, if you were to squint, you could be forgiven for thinking these two were the same person. Anne Hathaway and Belle from Beauty and the Beast could actually not be more similar, which made it an even bigger shock that she wasn’t cast to play her in the up and coming movie and actually lost out to Emma Watson who admittedly does look a fair bit like her too, but still!

Anne Hathaway and Belle

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5. Chris Hemsworth and ‘He-Man’.

It really isn’t difficult to see why the mighty Chris Hemsworth was cast to play Thor in the Avengers franchise. The tall physique, the muscles, and especially the blonde hair; he couldn’t be any more perfect right? However, I am inclined to believe that he is even more closely matched to childhood hero He-Man so the Hollywood movie producers would be missing a trick if they didn’t get him cast in a remake pronto.

Chris Hemsworth and He-Man

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6. Michelle Williams and ‘Tinkerbell’.

I absolutely cannot count the many different reasons why I love Michelle Williams. Doesn’t she just seem like one of Hollywood’s nicest actresses? On top of this she is now the spitting image of everyone’s favourite Disney character Tinkerbell, thanks to her pixie crop hairstyle. This is my new favourite reason to adore her.

Michelle Williams and Tinkerbell

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7. Angelina and ‘Queen Grimhilde’.

Following on from the loveliness of Michelle Williams and her doppelganger Tinkerbell comes somewhat of a juxtaposition for poor old Angelina Jolie who bares an unfortunate resemblance to Snow White’s Evil Queen Grimhilde. However, it would seem that Ange very much cashed in on her likeness to the evil character and later went on to produce and star as ‘Maleficent’ in the hit film released last year. It is worth noting that Maleficent was actually the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty but if you have the right chiselled cheekbones they all look the same, don’t they?

Angelina Jolie Evil Queen

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8. Martin Scorsese and ‘Carl Fredricksen’.

Now here is one that you might not have ever given a thought to before, but how much does world-famous director Martin Scorsese look like the loveable character from Disney’s Up, Carl Fredricksen? It must have been based on him or something; they’re just too similar.

Martin Scorsese Up

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9. Ed Sheeran and ‘Chuckie’.

Ok, so this might just be my new favourite: Ed Sheeran and Chuckie from Nickelodeon’s childhood hit Rugrats. There is no rhyme or reason behind it, especially as Ed would have been a baby himself at the time this was shown on TV. The likeness is just a happy coincidence and we love it.

Ed Sheeran and Chuckie

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10. Russell Brand and ‘Captain Hook’.

So in spite of the fact that you might have likened the way Russell Brand dresses to a pirate in the past, did you ever stop to think about how much he actually does look like Captain Hook? The likeness was so uncanny that Disney actually commissioned him for a shoot with Annie Leibovitz to pose as the popular villain.

Russell Brand and Captain Hook

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