10 Weird Things Found in Celebrity Homes

Do you ever find yourself pondering on how the other half live? With their gigantic mansions, plethora of sports cars, elaborate clothes and jewellery they could never be bored, could they? Well think again. It appears that the richer you become, the odder the things you feel obliged to purchase, especially when it comes to your home. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof:

1. Mike Tyson – White Bengali Tigers.

Definitely one of the most notorious additions to a celebrity home, Mike Tyson’s tigers were made all the more famous by the movie The Hangover, where they supposedly broke in and stole one.

Mike Tyson Tigers

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2. Celine Dion – $20 million Waterpark.

I have to admit I am pretty jealous of this elaborate waterpark, which sits in Celine Dion’s enormous Florida mansion. The only issue I have is the environment and the amount of water she must get through. I wouldn’t want to be the one dealing with her water bills, that’s for sure.

Celine Dion Waterpark

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3. Nicholas Cage – Dinosaur Fossil.

Nicholas Cage’s ginormous tyrannosaurus rex fossil that he keeps in his LA home was very famously noted by the press when he purchased it. Mainly because he found himself in a bidding war with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, only for him to finally outbid Leo at the hefty price of $276,000.

Nicholas Cage Fossils

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4. Paris Hilton – Nightclub.

So I guess it makes sense that you don’t have to deal with the unforgiving eye of the press if you want to have a few drinks with friends but, if you ask me, it’s a bit much to have an actual nightclub in your house. Especially in Paris Hilton’s case all of her friends will be forced to listen to her trying to DJ. I don’t envy them one bit.

Paris Hilton nightclub

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5. Tim Burton – Oompa Loompas.

It’s clearly very important for Tim Burton to live up to his reputation as ‘quirky film director’, even to the point where he’s prepared to freak out his house guests with statues of oompa loompas dotted around the place.

Tim Burton Oompa Loompa

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6. Christina Aguilera – Beauty Salon.

Oh man, this one definitely makes me jealous. Imagine having your own beauty salon at home, complete with stylists ready to make you look amazing at all times. This dream is very much a reality for the lucky Christina Aguilera. We can only hope that she appreciates how lucky she is.

Christina Aguilera Home Salon

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7. John Travolta – Boeing Aeroplane.

For some celebrities, having the best car parked in your driveway simply isn’t enough to impress your guests. John Travolta had to go and take it to the next level by actually building a parking spot for his plane.

John Travolta Plane

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8. Lady Gaga – Ghost Detector.

Lady Gaga has freely admitted in the past that she holds a fascination with ghosts and death. Not our cup of tea but I guess it’s a free country. Consequently, her obsession has become so great in recent years that she has actually invested in a $50,000 electro-magnetic field reader so she’s aware if she’s in the presence of any mysterious energy fields.

Lady Gaga Ghost Detector

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9. Johnny Depp – Pigeon Skeletons.

There is no reasonable explanation for it but apparently Johnny Depp has a penchant for pigeon skeletons, which he very proudly displays in his home, along with his collection of bats and insects.

Johnny Depp Pigeon Skeleton

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10. Michael Jackson – Oxygen Chamber.

Although, as we all know, Michael Jackson is sadly no longer with us, his reputation for flamboyant purchases still goes down in history as the most extravagant. Alongside owning the rights to many of the Beatles’ songs, one of MJ’s most noted purchases was an oxygen chamber, which he believed would help him live longer. The irony of this is incredibly sad considering how young he was when he passed away but at least it has been donated to a good cause now – the California Medial Centre.

Michael Jackson Oxygen Chamber

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Written by Amanda Gegg

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