Celebrities Who Claim To Have Spotted UFOs

There are many people who claimed to have a first hand experiences in UFO sightings. For many years, we have this idea that somewhere in the universe, there are species that are existing. There are another civilizations outside our planet and they are visiting us every now and then. That’s why movies and series about extra terrestrial are popular. It is kind of believable when scientists or normal people claim that they saw UFOs especially if they have footage and pictures as evidences. But what if some famous celebrities are claiming to have encounter or saw UFOs in real life and not just in a movie, would you believe it? Just like these celebrities that claim to have spotted UFOs that we have in our list.

Danny Dyer

He was in the BBC Three documentary called “I Believe in UFO’s” which was aired in 2010, where he stated that he saw a UFO in the past. In his interview with BBC Radio 1 he said: “Yeah. I’ve seen UFOs. It wasn’t an aeroplane, it certainly wasn’t a balloon, it wasn’t a Chinese lantern.”

The host Matt Edmondson joked; “Was it a kite?”

Dyer replied: “It was a pretty lively kite, I’ll tell you! You’re just one of them that will not believe. I would love an alien to come down and give you a little visit. I would pay good money for that.”

Up until now he still firmly believes in the existence of extra terrestrial life.

danny dyer

Russell Crowe

In 2013, the Oscar winner Russell Crowe tweeted about a flashing object from the sky, above his office in Woolloomooloo Australia. Using a camera Canon 5D, he was able to capture the flashing object from the three photos that he took. A camera was set up to take photos of fruit bats from the botanical gardens but captured a different thing.

russell crowe

Victoria Beckham

“UFO hovering above our house last night!!!!! X vb”

Victoria Beckham tweeted this in 2011 and created a buzz on social media. Attached to the tweet is a link to a photo of a big circle light. Some people laughed at her post, saying that it was clearly a moon. But some people took her post as a joke since the area where she lives is a regular route for helicopters.

victoria beckham

John Lennon

The Beatle star always believed in extra terrestrial activities since he was a child. He believed that he was abducted by aliens when he was young and that was the reason that he feels indifferent to other people. An incident happened in August 23 1974, when John Lennon was with former girlfriend May Pang at his New York apartment when the two claimed that they saw a large circular object hovering over them. He also made a song with lyrics “There’s a UFO over New York and I ain’t too surprised.” pertaining to the incident.

john lennon

David Bowie

An avid fan of science fiction since childhood, David Bowie had always been fascinated to anything extra terrestrial and he became more interest during his teenage years. He claimed to have sightings of UFOs in 1967. Bowie’s obsession inspired him in his work for his album 1969’s Space Oddity. An album with an alien concept and contains the song Starman with lyrics:

“There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’ll blow our minds”

The British rock star was never shy about his beliefs in living things outside our planet.

david bowie

Dan Aykroyd

He was a lifetime member of the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON and serves as the “Hollywood” Consultant. Dan Aykroyd is really vocal that he believes in UFOs and claimed that he had seen four sightings in his life. He also have a video talking about his belief in UFOs in ‘Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs’. Back in 2015, in The HuffPost Show, he shared information about the UFOs he had seen.

“Two specifically were definitely aerial constructs of some kind,” Aykroyd explained. “One of them with a light, and one of them dull gray, and they were structures – one of them going very slow, one of them hovering over me.”

dan aykroyd

Muhammad Ali

The great boxer Muhammad Ali is also a stone cold believer of UFOs and he was not shy to share his thoughts about it in a book, 2015 book Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences of Celebrities, Rock Stars and the Rich and Famous. The author Mr. Green Beckley wrote about celebrities with UFO experiences and he had four meeting with Ali where he shared his encounters with them.

Beckley quoted: I happened to look up just before dawn, as I often do while running, and there hovering above us was this brilliant light hanging as if by an invisible thread.

“At first I thought it was a beacon projected from a helicopter.
“But moments later a similar object passed in front of us.”
The second UFO reportedly had a glowing red trail behind it.

The author also said that in all the famous people he had encounter about extra terrestrial beliefs, no one seems to know more about the subject but Muhammad Ali.

muhammad ali

Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ dad and the Achy Breaky Heart singer posted a picture on Twitter with a caption “‘O. K. . first UFO sighting. Looks like 5 or 6 disk like shapes hovering. Special moment 4 DAD.’ It’s a photo of a sky with 5 to 6 vague lights, as the sun begins to set. People were questioning whether he was joking or not when he posted this.

billy ray cyrus

Jimi Hendrix

In the book ‘The Life of Jimi Hendrix”, author David Henderson talked about Jimi Hendrix’s encounter with a UFO during his concert in Maui. He said that Jimi played on the rim of an extinct volcano in Maui days before he died. Some witnesses said that they heard different tones that were coming from the rocks and stones after Jimi played. And some people called a local radio show saying that they were UFO sighting in the volcano. A cameraman claimed to have recorded the sightings as well. Henderson also said “Jimi felt certain the UFO had come down to put its spiritual stamp of approval on the show. He told me that he’d been emotionally and physically recharged by the experience.”

jimi hendrix

Robbie Williams

Another celebrity who claimed to have an encounter with Aliens is the English Pop Star, Robbie Williams. He said that his first encounter with UFOs was when he was a kid. But he had a close encounter with extra terrestrial beings when he was in Beverly Hills Hotel, lying on his sun lounger late at night. He was looking at the sky when a square thing passed over his head silently and then shoot off. Williams also shared another story about a light that disappeared and came back when he played the song Arizona, which is a song about alien contact.

robbie williams

Written by Mary Ann Nacional

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