10 Celebrities Gone Too Soon

Hollywood deaths are always hard to deal with because losing such great talents are such big losses. Here are some of the most amazing celebrities who got taken away way too soon.

1. Cory Monteith

Famously known as Finn on ‘Glee,’  Cory was found dead in his Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver at the peak of his career.

cory montieth

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2. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s departure still has no confirmed cause of death, but it is reported that prescription drugs played a role.

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3. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse died from an apparent drug overdose.

amy winehouse

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4. Michael Jackson

At the age of 5O, Michael Jackson passed away after accidentally being administered too much medication by his doctor.

michael jackson

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5. Heath Ledger

He played many movie characters, but he’s most famously known as the Joker in the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’ which led his to winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

heath ledger

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6. Paul Walker

Died while doing what he loved, this Fast & Furious actor passed away at 40 racing during a charity event.

paul walker

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7. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died at a very young age, 27, and believed that suicide was the cause of death although many people have wondered if foul play was involved.

kurt cobain

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8. Alan Rickman

Famously known as Snape in the Harry Potter series, Alan died at the age of 69, leaving all potter heads heart broken.

alan rickman

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9. Robin Williams

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams died at 63 after committing suicide due to depression.

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10. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Another Oscar-winning actor on the list, Philip was found dead in his apartment due to a heroin overdose.

philip seymour hoffman

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Written by Mary Ann Nacional

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