10 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

With Donald Trump’s rating on the rise, see which celebrities support him and maybe you’d change your mind too (if you haven’t yet).

1. Mike Tyson

Tyson said that he would support Trump during his appearance on HuffPost Live.

mike tyson

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2. Dennis Rodman

He declared his support for Donald over Twitter.

dennis rodman

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3. Tila Tequila

The reality star expressed his support for Trump on a Youtube video she uploaded last year.


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4. Charlie Sheen

Like Rodman, he showed his support for Trump over Twitter.


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5. Hulk Hogan

Hogan said to TMZ that he would want Trump to be his running mate.

hulk hogan

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6. Gary Busey

Gary has long expressed his support back in 2011.


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7. Stephen Baldwin

Baldwin, who fired Trump on two seasons of “The Celebrity Apprentice” said that he would make a great president.


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8. Terrell Owens

This retired NFL star showed his support from Trump in an interview with TMZ Sports.


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9. Ivana Trump

She held a luncheon to support her ex-husband.


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10. Jesse Ventura

Ventura expressed his support on “Off The Grid”.


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Written by Mary Ann Nacional

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