10 Of Our Favourite Celebrity Feuds

Is there anything better to soothe the boredom and monotony of life than a good old celebrity bust-up? Here are just a few of the most deliciously juicy publicised fallouts of recent years.

1. Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Feud

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One of the most talked about rifts in the pop world; neither Taylor Swift nor Katy Perry has actually ever given us the satisfaction of admitting that they hate each other. Instead, we are left with a string of cryptic tweets and the fact that Taylor Swift’s new single ‘Bad Blood’ is apparently based on Katy Perry trying to sabotage her most recent tour.

This is all very well but according to pictures from years gone by these two used to be BFFs, frequently seen cuddled up to one another at various awards ceremonies. So what exactly happened guys? Is it the fact that Katy Perry is now dating Taylor’s ex John Mayer? Is it the tour thing? Or is it just a genuine dislike? We want details!

2. Justin Bieber Vs. Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber Orlando Bloom Feud

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Now this celebrity bust-up is definitely one of my favourites: Justin Bieber pushing his luck with Orlando Bloom to the point where he actually went ahead and punched him. Ok, I just want to point out that I do not condone violence on any level but when you hear about Justin Bieber receiving a bit of comeuppance you cannot help but smile.

Apparently this rift started when Justin hinted that he and Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr had hooked up whilst they were still married – ooooooh – which obviously didn’t sit well with the Lord of the Rings star. Don’t worry though, Orlando got his own back even more by getting together with Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez. With all this tension who knows what’s going to be next? I certainly can’t wait to see.

3. Miley Cyrus Vs. Sinéad O’Connor

Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor Feud

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Certainly one of the more bizarre ‘celebrity war of words’, I do genuinely believe that Miley Cyrus initially thought she was paying an homage to Sinéad O’Connor’s iconic ‘Nothing Compares’ video with her ‘Wrecking Ball’ imitation. However, little did she know that Sinéad wanted absolutely no part of being associated with this, consequently going on to write a very cutting open letter basically saying that Miley is being ‘pimped out’ by the music industry with her liberal approach to nudity and risqué behaviour. Ouch.

4. Lady Gaga Vs. Kelly Osbourne

Lady Gaga Kelly Osbourne Feud

Although the world is slightly in the dark as to why these two took such a dislike of each other, the Twitter insults have been going back and forth for years now, apparently taking a turn for the worse when Kelly Osbourne made an insulting comment about Gaga’s appearance. From this moment on there was many an exchange of cutting words via Twitter for the rest of us to gawp at, before the two finally called it a day on their feud when they actually met in person in 2014 and were pictured happily posing for photographs. So fickle, these celebrities, but it is certainly good entertainment for the rest of us.

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5. Kim Kardashian Vs. Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Feud

Who would have known that these two used to be best friends? But alas it’s true, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton go way back, having known each other since they were children. Rather ironically, Kim actually used to be Paris’s PA / ‘Wardrobe Arranger’ before fate stepped in and catapulted Kim way further into the limelight.

As you can imagine, Paris did not take kindly to this at all and after a number of public jibes made at each other (including Paris saying that Kim’s famous derriere looks like ‘cottage cheese in a trash bag’) the two basically called time on their friendship.

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6. Jay-Z Vs. Solange Knowles

Jay-Z Solange Knowles Feud

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Who could forget the lift footage of the spectacular Jay-Z / Solange meltdown at last year’s Met Ball? This really was a literal bust-up wherein Solange – evidently very upset – launched herself at her brother-in-law Jay-Z with his wife Beyoncé standing by, looking rather strangely unphased.

Apparently Solange was immensely put out that Jay-Z had not been supporting her music career, which I suppose would be rather frustrating considering his power in the industry. But there is also the underlying rumour that he was having an affair and Solange was calling him out on it on her sister’s behalf… But seeing as we are huge Jay-Z / Beyoncé fans over here we are choosing to believe the prior suggestion.

7. Ed Sheeran Vs. Niall Horan

Ed Sheeran Niall Horan Fallout

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Another very juicy popstar fallout here; the breakdown between Ed Sheeran and One Direction’s Niall Horan was apparently caused by none other than singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding, who apparently kissed Niall whilst she was dating Ed. How could you, Ellie? Oh well, the two have apparently buried the hatchet now and Ed actually turned out to make a hit-record out of it. You’ve all heard ‘Don’t’, right? Well there’s your context.

8. Louis Tomlinson Vs. Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy

Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson Fallout

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Speaking of One Direction fallouts, this one has kicked off very recently over the past few months, basically ever since Zayn Malik decided to leave the band. It seems to be that the beef has then escalated since he became pally with producer Naughty Boy, who claims to have taken him under his wing.

At first, there was no animosity at Zayn’s departure from 1D and the band very sincerely wished him all the best. The bad blood has now only surfaced since there have been hints at a solo career in the making for Zayn, which has apparently not gone down at all well with former bandmate Louis Tomlinson. Louis began this war of words with an insulting comment about a picture of Naughty Boy and Zayn in the recording studio, which naturally escalated once all the 1D fans took note.

We are still very much in the midst of what’s ensuing here so watch this space for more updates. Let’s just all be friends, boys.

9. Snoop Dogg Vs. Iggy Azalea

Snoop Dogg Iggy Azalea Feud

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Now this is definitely one of those rows that can be likened to the goings on of a school playground. Basically, it all started when Snoop took it upon himself to posts mean comments about Iggy Azalea online, very much insulting her appearance. She then responded by calling him out on the fact that he always used to be nice to her in person and ask for pictures. Do we think that someone had a little crush, perhaps?

Anyway, things got a whole lot worse before they got better with nasty comments flying left, right and centre. Hats off to Iggy though, she maintained the high road and eventually received her well-deserved public apology from Snoop.

10. Kanye West Vs. Everyone.

Kanye West

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Referred to by Beyoncé and Jay-Z as a kind of ‘younger brother who tends to do embarrassing things’, Kanye West never fails to live up to his reputation as a controversial artist. Whether he is storming an awards ceremony stage interrupting the likes of Beck and Taylor Swift from collecting their awards, insulting other artists, or just generally trying to lecture the general public during his gigs, there is never a time when he is not rowing with someone.

That must require a whole lot of effort Kanye, but I guess there’s always got to be someone mixing it up and keeping things interesting.

Written by Amanda Gegg

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