10 Celebrities Who Supposedly Cheated On Their Partners

For some reason many celebrities seem to think that they will get away with cheating, yet time and time again, stories appear in the paper proving that once they have cheated, this is not the case. Some are high profile, and end the marriage, while others seem to slip into the distance as the couple stay together. The following shows a mixture of the two. It will also show that women can be as bad if not worse than men for cheating on their partners.

1. Jennifer Lopez


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Jennifer has been on both sides of this particular dilemma. She left her husband for Ben Affleck, but then was left by him when he moved onto Jennifer Garner. Rumours have it that JLO and Affleck have become close again, but this is denied and pictures are claimed to be from their initial relationship.

2. Madonna


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It seems that age is no barrier when it comes to affairs and despite a seventeen year age gap, Madonna become involved with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. It ended both of their marriages, and despite denials of the affair at first, there soon were reports that Alex was now cheating on Madonna.

3. Jude Law


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Jude Law and Sienna Miller may have seemed to have things under control despite their marriage seeming a little unsteady, there was one announcement that could not heal the rift. Law admitted that he had cheated with the nanny of his three children. He asked for privacy, but this was not going to happen and the couple eventually split up.

4. Tiger Woods

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With golfers claiming that they have to practice a lot it may be hard to understand how Tiger Woods found the time to cheat, and it seems that he did cheat numerous times. By the time his wife heard his confession, she was aware of a number of  different women he had cheated with, and divorce was the obvious outcome.

5. Billy Bob Thornton

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When Laura Dern went to make a film she must have known that Billy Bob would have found something to do to fill the time, but its not likely that she thought he would marry. He and Angelina Jolie wed and Laura never heard from him again.

6. Robert Kardashian

Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashion

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Having a number of sisters does not appear to have given Robert the idea that women should be well treated and not cheated on. His relationship with Adrienne Bailon ended after she founded out that he had been unfaithful.

7. Ashton Kutcher


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Despite being married to a successful, beautiful wife – Demi Moore, Kutcher did not miss the opportunity to have an affair with Sara Leal. It lead to his divorce, and was not even a relationship that was to last.

8. Brad Pitt

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In contrast with a lot of the other celebrity divorces, Brad Pitt has at least stayed true to the woman he cheated on Jennifer Aniston with. He and Angelina Jolie have been in the news following their own divorce proceedings that seem to be going back and forth as Brad wants to win Anelina back.

9. Hugh Grant


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It seems that some people will get away with their indiscretions as Hugh Grant was not immediately dumped by Liz Hurley when he was caught with a prostitute. They did eventually split, but for a number of years it seemed he had got away with it.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger



He may have wowed them on the screen and even become a success in politics, but when Arnie and his wife Maria separated, it led to the confession that he had fathered the child of the family cleaner. As the child was then 14 years old it is likely that he, like Hugh Grant when he cheated he nearly got away with it.

Written by Karen Afford

I enjoy writing about travel and sport the most.

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