10 Celebrity Parents of Twins

Having a child changes a person, but having two at the same time? That would be more than a life changing experience. Imagine buying everything in twos? It would be expensive as hell! But if you are like one of the celebrities in this list and can afford to have everything for your kids, then why not?

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin became the father of fraternal twins boys Valentino and Matteo in August 2008, born via a surrogate mother. The Puerto Rican star had an interview with in 2008 where he said “I’m so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing.”  “Being a father is amazing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life. I have to be honest, I’m completely exhausted. But I’ve never been happier. Whether they smile or cry, it’s all magical.” says Ricky.

Ricky Martin

Diana Krall and Elvis Costello

Singer/songwriters Elvis Costello and Diana Krall had their fraternal twin sons Frank Harlan James and Dexter Henry Lorcan in December of 2006. “We are ecstatic,” that’s what they said when they first revealed about the birth. Krall told People that having twins run in her family and calls their children “lovely, funny, good boys.” and she gave them with another nickname “carny kids.”

Diana Krall Elvis Costello

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline on July 12, 2008 at the Fondation Lenval hospital in Nice, France by C-Section. The birth of the twins were such a huge deal back then that magazines Hello! and People reportedly purchased the photos of them for $14 million. In an interview for Marie Claire in 2011, Jolie describes her twin daughter “girly girl” and “elegant and delicate.” While she describes Knox as “is very much a dude. Very physical, tough.”

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s fraternal twins Max and Emme were born on February 22, 2008 in Long Island N.Y. In an interview with People and Entertainment Weekly‘s editorial director Jess Cagle in 2016 the singer says “I had given birth and the kids honestly just gave me a new direction,” Lopez says “They just made me realize … what was real and what wasn’t real, They just changed everything.” The kids are now 8 years old and both looking just like their mom and dad.

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

Saldana-Perego twins Cy and Bowie were born in November 2014 at a Los Angeles hospital. Saldana told People that she and her husband Marco Perego are a team, and he helps her find balance in work and family. During an interview for her new film Live By Night with ET’s Carly Steel she says “They’re totally gangsters,” Saldana said of sons Cy and Bowie. “These kids are like up at night!”

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Actress Julia Roberts and Cinematographer Danny Moder delivered fraternal twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter at a hospital in Southern California, in November 28, 2004. According to Roberts, twins run in their family, as her great grandmother and some cousins are twins. In some of her interviews, Roberts talked about the names of their twins. “Hazel is an old-fashioned name, and she’s a strong, perfect Hazel,” while “[With Phinnaeus], my husband wanted to name him Finn, which I quite liked, but it seemed like a nickname…So I said we had to have a proper name, and then we can call him Finn.” She also described her son “perfect and lonely.”

Julia Roberts Danny Moder

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

In April 2011, Mariah Carey and then husband Nick Cannon welcomed the birth of their twin son and daughter in an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. It was the same day that they celebrated their third wedding anniversary though they divorced after a few years. Moroccan and Monroe, now both five years old were always seen with their parents even after the divorce. Cannon said in an interview “Ultimately, it’s about putting the kids first and making sure they have the best childhood they could possibly have.”

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick twin girls Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge were born in June 2009 via a surrogate mother. Parker revealed before that surrogacy was a possible option when they tried so hard expanding their family for years after the birth of their son. In an interview with Vogue in 2011, Parker described the personalities of her twins, “Tabitha’s very, very outgoing, but physically she’s very shy. She shakes in elevators; it’s very sweet, like Bambi. [Loretta] is pale, like my husband, with piercing blue eyes. But she’s physically bold,”

Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew Broderick

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth

The Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky welcomed their twin boys Tristan and Sasha in March 2014. In a post in her Instagram account, Pataky shared a photo of their twins and revealed their names with caption in Spanish “You are home Tristan and Sasha came to this world on March 18 just after full moon. Complete happiness!” Pataky and Hemsworth married since 2010 also have a daughter India Rose.

Elsa Pataky Chris Hemsworth

Celine Dion and Rene Angelil

Celine Dion gave birth to fraternal twins Eddy and Nelson in October 2010 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Eddy and Nelson’s names were inspired by Eddy Marnay and Nelson Mandela. The twins were conceived through in vitro fertilization. “We tried five times before I got pregnant. On the sixth try, it worked out. We were blessed twice.”  says Dion.

Celine Dion Rene Angelil

Written by Mary Ann Nacional

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