Katy Perry’s Weirdest Outfits

You’ve got to love the inimitable style of Katy Perry. There is, without a shadow of a doubt, never a dull moment when it comes to her wardrobe but we’ll be the first to admit that sometimes she takes it too far. Here are some of the weirdest and wackiest choices that we couldn’t quite get our heads around:

1. The Carousel Dress.

Who doesn’t love a carousel? But a carousel built into a dress? I’m not quite sure about the practicalities of this but there is no doubt that it is memorable.

Katy Perry Carousel Dress

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2. The Smurf Dress.

At least with this outfit you can see the purpose behind it, as Katy Perry emulates her counterpart Smurfette, whom she voiced in the 2011 Smurfs movie.

Katy Perry Smurf Dress

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3. The Movie Reel / Popcorn Dress.

Who needs to watch a movie if you can dress as one? Throw in some popcorn too and it would appear that this outfit makes Katy Perry the whole cinematic package.

Katy Perry Movie Reel Dress

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4. The Christmas Tree Dress.

Ok we get it; there is nothing more fun at Christmas than playing dress-up. And who wouldn’t want to dress as an actual Christmas tree if they were given the opportunity?

Katy Perry Christmas Tree Dress

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5. The ‘Boy Meets Girl’ Dress.

This is one of Katy Perry’s wackiest wardrobe choices (and that’s saying something). I’m not entirely sure what to make of it myself but I personally think she’s making the statement that anyone can wear anything. Either that or ‘it’s ok to be confused’.

Katy Perry Unisex Dress

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6. The Barack Obama Campaign Wardrobe.

What better way is there to show the world who you’re supporting in the election than dressing up as a ticked ballot paper? When you throw in a brightly coloured dress with Obama’s face on too, the world can’t have been in any doubt as to who Katy Perry was supporting.

Katy Perry Barack Obama Outfit

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7. The Cupcake Dress.

Now here is an outfit I can get on board with. Who knows if those cupcakes are real or not but what could be better than stopping for a snack mid-performance?

Katy Perry Cupcake Dress

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8. The Light-Up Dress.

Apart from being very useful for people walking down dark alleyways at night, I can’t really think why you’d need your dress to be so brightly lit. Especially in a snakeskin print?

Katy Perry Light-Up Dress

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9. The Ice Cream Sundae Dress.

So, in true Katy Perry style she can’t just casually theme her performances, she has to go the whole hog and actually dress up as something completely irresistible like an ice cream sundae.

Katy Perry Sundae Dress

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10. The McDonald’s Dress.

Very bizarrely I can’t get enough of this McDonald’s-themed Moschino creation and Katy pulls it off with absolute perfection. No wonder Moschino got her on board as their spokesperson for 2015.

Katy Perry McDonald's Dress

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Written by Amanda Gegg

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