10 Biggest Male Celebrity Fashion Disasters

We’ve all seen the odd female fashion disaster – whether it be a wrongly exposed body part or a plainly hideous dress. Perhaps though too much focus goes on female fashion choices and not on the guys, who are equally capable of being involved in a celeb fashion disaster.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham has a reputaion as one of the most stylish men on the planet, but it wasn’t always this way. When he initially became a footballing and celebrity superstar in the late 1990s and early 2000s though, Beckham frequently overstepped the mark into self parody. In particular his habit of changing his haircut every fortnight annoyed mothers of vain male teenagers across the land. These his and hers outfits with wife Victoria were a particular hideous spectacle – it made the pair look like extras in a cut-price Kill Bill remake.


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2. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton had the good fortune to be invited into the Royal Box for this year’s Wimbledon final. Sadly, Lewis didn’t read the terms and conditions of the invite, which stipulated that all attendees had to be dressed in a suit and tie. When officials demanded he change into the correct attire, Lewis refused – instead sticking to his guns despite sporting this fashion abomination.


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3. Will.I.Am

The continuing success of Will.I.Am is one of life’s inexplicable conundrums – on a par with Schrodinger’s Cat or the meaning of life. But Will isn’t just the man whose music pollutes suburban clubs across the land like so many discarded Bacardi Breezers – no he’s an entrepreneur with his own fashion line. Like his musical career, his style veers into the realms of the bizarre, as it’s seemingly based on what a hyperactive child would do with a dressing up box and a pile of Lego.


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4. Johnny Depp

If it seems like decades since Johnny Depp was an unimpeachable style icon who starred in excellent films it’s because it is. The man who once was one of the most lauded and revered actors has now been reduced to turns in flops like Mortdecai, The Lone Ranger and looking like he should be playing the panpipes outside King’s Cross underground station.


5. David Cameron

Any political guru will tell you that the Prime Minister has to look the part, or if you want direct evidence then ask Ed Miliband, whose political ambitions seemingly turned on an impromptu bacon sandwich. Whisper it quietly though, as you won’t read it among the fawning coverage of the PM, but when out of his regular attire of a suit, Cameron looks rather like a bloated uncle demanding asparagus at a country fete after too many organic ciders.


6. Dougie Poynter

To the untrained eye, being a hipster is easy – just dress like you’ve been attacked by a jumble sale and witter on about craft beer and you’re half way there. Dougie however shows that it’s a subtle art which can go horribly wrong. Bandanna aside, none of this outfit is terrible on its own, but put together it manages the remarkable feat of trying too hard whilst still looking extremely scruffy.


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7. Redfoo

Redfoo has made a career of making loud obnoxious music – his band LMFAO make the music of choice for frat parties. It makes perfect sense then that he should dress loudly and obnoxiously. Still, this outfit of a fake shiny reptile skin jacket, glasses without any frames, and no T-shirt is beyond the pail, even for a man who extolls the virtues of ‘party rocking’.


8. Elijah Wood

If you’re continually typecast as a geeky school child or a hobbit, it probably isn’t the best idea to turn up looking like you’ve just arrived from a meeting of the Year 8 chess club out of choice. Elijah though didn’t take this advice when he arrived to this event. Still, we guess playing a Hobbit plays fairly well however it’s no excuse for dressing like a complete fashion disaster.


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9. Kanye West

Kanye West just had to be on this list. Yeezus likes to push the boat out when it comes to making an impression and so there are a few outfits which could’ve put him among the worst fashion disasters. This photo however is a particular gem, as Kanye looks like he knows just how ridiculous he looks when wearing a furry coat over a grey hoodie. Perhaps Kim could have a word and get him to change into something which looks less like he’s planning to moodily hang around an iceberg.


10. Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming likes his status as one of the acting world’s more flamboyant types, and the Goldeneye actor could’ve been on this list for any one of many fashion disasters. This one is particularly bizarre though, as Alan has apparently decided to go to a premiere in a sleeveless cardigan which makes him look like Rab C. Nesbitt’s gran. This outfit might just be acceptable when staggering to the shops the morning after a heavy night out, but not somewhere you know you’re going to be photographed.


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Written by Mark W

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