Ten Meryl Streep Funny and Cute Moments

The versatile and multi awarded actress suddenly became a new Internet’s favorite meme. Her photo of her cheering for Reynolds in SAG 2015 became a meme craze. But Meryl Streep is really a funny lady in person. We saw her awards speeches, interviews and movie scenes for the past years that make us all laugh. We listed ten of Meryl Streep Funny and Cute Moments that might make you fall in love with her even more.

When she kissed Mark Ruffalo

Meryl Streep appeared with James McAvoy and Mark Ruffalo in The Graham Norton Show in 2015 where they talked about best television moments. She was explaining about the offers of three witch roles before she took the same role in Into The Woods. When she was cut off by Ruffalo and said “So a lot has changed in the last five years for you.” Suddenly Streep kissed him in too much delight that left him speechless. The actress even made a funny comment about the kiss and said, “I was looking for an excuse all night.”

meryl streep kissed mark ruffalo

Oscars Devil Wears Prada Moment

Another funny moment was when Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt presented and award for best costume at the Academy Awards. They slipped back to their roles as assistants to Meryl Streep in their movie ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and they joked about her when they greeted her and she smiled back. Until the camera was focused again to Streep who was not smiling anymore and looked actually irritated. She also was acting like she was the serious Miranda Priestly again. And her irritated reaction made the audience laughed.

meryl streep  anne hathaway emily blunt oscars

Meryl in Oscar Selfie

Ellen De Generes organized the greatest group selfie at the Oscars in 2014 with the only intention of taking selfie with Meryl Streep first not until the others stars joined in. You can even barely see Meryl in the selfie which make it so funny. “I know! Bradley Cooper, what a hog!” Streep said when she saw the iconic photo.

merylstreep ellen degeneres oscars selfie

Shimmies With Pharrell

One funny moment was when she shimmied with Pharrell during his ‘Happy’ performance at the Oscars in 2014. She dances really cute with a serious face in front of Pharrell who were doing the same thing like her. What a dancing queen!

meryl streep  pharrell williams

Her Reaction With Patricia Arquette’s Feminist Speech

Meryl Streep’s cute reaction during Patricia Arquette’s feminist speech during Oscars 2015 created many gifs during that time. Streep and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez getting out of their seats and waving and agreeing on what she said.

meryl streep patricia arquette oscars

Cute Moments with Gina Rodriguez

This SAG Awards 2017, a very cute moment happened during the red carpet. While Gina Rodriguez was posing for the photographers, Meryl Streep walked behind her and took advantage to photo bomb her by making silly faces behind the actress. When Rodriguez realized what Streep did, she totally freaked out and bowed down to her.

meryl streep gina rodriguez saga awards

Meryl and Ryan Gosling Moment

Meryl Streep was on the roll in the SAG Awards 2017, first was photo bombing Gina Rodriguez and when she had a cute moment with Ryan Gosling. The legendary actress was pictured fixing Gosling’s bow tie as they took their seats. His reaction was priceless as he look at the sweet gesture from Streep.

meryl streep ryan gosling sag awards

Golden Globes Award Speech

Meryl Streep won a Golden Globe Award in 2007 for her role as Miranda Priestly in ‘Devil Wears Prada’. She was a bit emotional but her comment before she continues her speech was funny, she said “Oh shut up it’s not that long.” before thanking everyone even her co-nominees.

meryl streep golden globes

Emmy Award Speech

She is known for her funny speech whenever she receives an award. And her speech for winning in 2004’s Emmy Awards for her role in ‘Angels in America’ was so funny. From her opening spiel “There are some days when I myself think I’m overrated … but not today” to her funny joke “..the only one of the group is Emma Thompson who will hold a grudge for the rest of her life.” She also sang a bit of a song while thanking everyone who helped her.

meryl streep emmy awards

When She Almost Lose A Shoe in BAFTA

Another win for Meryl Streep was for her movie ‘The Iron Lady’ in BAFTA 2012. Her entrance before receiving award was a bit funny. She almost lose a shoe when she went on the stage but retrieved by Colin Firth who put her shoes on like she’s Cinderella.

meryl streep bafta

Written by Mary Ann Nacional

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