Unrecognisable Celebrities

In the weird and wonderful world of fashion it seems there isn’t anything a well-qualified hair and make-up technician can’t achieve. They even have the ability to make our favourite celebrities look like someone completely different. Let us marvel at their genius…

1. Taylor Swift – Wonderland Magazine.

Eager to take the next step from her country music career, Taylor made the bold move to front Wonderland magazine in 2014 with a coming of age issue that took her look to a whole new level. Just look at those brows…

Taylor Swift Unrecognisable

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2. Katy Perry – L’Officiel Magazine.

Even though we are very much used to Katy Perry’s hair colour changing every other day, she definitely made us do a double take back in 2012 when she posed with a beautiful red barnet for french mag L’Officiel.

Katy Perry Unrecognisable

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3. Miley Cyrus – W Magazine.

In the March 2015 issue of W, Miley was very much ‘laid bare’ as the title implied, treating her fans to an entirely bleached blonde look in an attempt to portray that she doesn’t care what people think of her. I’m not entirely sure that posing half-naked on a magazine cover sends that immediate message though, Miley?

Miley Cyrus Unrecognisable

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4. Pamela Anderson – NoTofo Magazine.

Who would have thought that the infamous bad girl Pamela Anderson could take on a prim and proper persona? Well, the proof is below as she revealed her wholesome spread for NoTofu magazine in 2014.

Pamela Anderson Unrecognisable

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5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – LOVE Magazine.

Known as the fashion bible, LOVE magazine has all the best photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists at their disposal ready to make their subjects look like completely different people. This was definitely the case back in 2010 when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made her Hollywood debut in Transformers and they ‘transformed’ her into a classic movie pin up with beautiful red locks.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Unrecognisable

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6. Sienna Miller – LOVE Magazine.

Another triumph for the inimitable LOVE magazine took place in 2010 when they transformed girl-nextdoor Sienna Miller into an unrecognisable ‘pin up’ version of herself.

Sienna Miller Unrecognisable

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7. Alexa Chung – POP Magazine.

For the AW14 issue of POP – another fashion magazine with outstanding credentials – Alex Chung took on a decidedly more androgynous vibe with a hint of K-Pop thrown in for good measure.

Alexa Chung Unrecognisable

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8. Kate Moss – Vogue.

What could be better than Kate Moss dressed as Ziggy Stardust? Ever the supporter of her good friend David Bowie, Kate certainly made for a convincing version of his alter ego on the front cover of Paris Vogue in 2012.

Kate Moss Vogue

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9. Tom Cruise – W Magazine.

Always keen to take on a challenge Tom Cruise decided that he would give the role of Stacie Jaxx a try in 2012 for the hit movie remake of the stage show Rock of Ages. This also involved an unbelievably convincing cover shoot for W Magazine – groupies and all.

Tom Cruise W Magazine

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10. Lena Dunham – New York Times Culture Issue.

Apparently based on a sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte, this cover of Lena Dunham is perhaps the most shocking and downright impressive, commissioned for the Culture section of the New York Times in 2014.

Lena Dunham Unrecognisable

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Written by Amanda Gegg

A creative and resourceful individual with a lot to talk about; I specialise in travel and entertainment writing but most definitely like to take on new challenges and opportunities.

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