10 Times We’ve Wanted to High-Five Jennifer Aniston

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most adored celebrities of our generation. But just what is it about her that makes us all wish we knew her better? Here are just a few examples of situations where she’s handled herself so well we’ve all been high-fiving the air on her behalf…

1. The whole divorce / Brangelina situation…

We’ve heard the saga a million times: Brad and Jen are living happily together as a married couple before he starts work on Mr & Mrs Smith, meets Angelina Jolie, then low and behold our dreams are shattered when Brad and Jen announce their divorce. One thing Jen definitely didn’t want was pity though, making it very clear that she was fine and had her close friends and family for support. She did, however, drop one really cool line in an interview with Vogue where she just stated that it was ‘not cool’ that Angelina declared that she and Brad fell in love on set. And it really wasn’t, was it Ange?

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Divorce

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2. …Then having to see them together at the 2009 Oscars.

After years of torment from the media, Jen had done a pretty good job of never running in to Brad or Angelina together. This was until the 2009 Oscars, when she was asked to present alongside Jack Black with the two of them sat in the front row…

But you’ll be very pleased to hear that she carried it off with her usual charm and grace, not to mention the fact she looked absolutely breath-taking, which always helps.

Jennifer Aniston 2009 Oscars

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3. ‘The Rachel’ Haircut.

If anything that Jennifer Aniston’s ever done deserves a high-five, it is ‘The Rachel’ haircut, which has inspired millions of women across the world since the 90s, and is still asked for in salons to this day.

The Rachel Haircut

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4. All the times she pokes fun at herself.

There is nothing better than someone who is able to have a laugh and not take life too seriously. This statement pretty much sums up Jennifer Aniston who never turns her nose up at anything or anyone and genuinely seems to have fun whatever she’s doing. This is all the more evident from the movie roles she’s taken on, playing sex-crazed boss Dr. Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses and stripper turned housewife in We’re the Millers.

Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses

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5. That stripper Dance in We’re The Millers.

Speaking of We’re the Millers, it is well worth noting the absolutely jaw-dropping moment when Jennifer undertook a stripper-dance and made all of us gasp with envy at how amazing she looked. Take that Brad and Angelina!

Jennifer Aniston We're the Millers

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6. Showing that turning 40 doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing.

Flying the flag for women everywhere, Jennifer Aniston has never looked anything less than perfect, especially since she turned 40! Apparently the trick is to stay out of the sun and always have a smile on your face so we’ll definitely be adopting that approach from now on.

Jennifer Aniston Style

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7. Cake.

Unlike the light-heartedness of Jennifer’s previous movies, Cake really marked a turning point, seeing her nominated for various awards in 2015. It is also interesting to note that this is the first film where she has not adopted the glamorous look that she is so synonymous with. Instead she is seen looking weathered and deeply depressed, in the vain that her character portrayal requires.

Jennifer Aniston Cake

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8. Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This is definitely a high-five moment if ever there was one. Thank goodness the academy eventually recognised Jennifer’s credentials and placed her firmly on Hollywood’s revered ‘Walk of Fame’ in 2012.

Jennifer Aniston Walk of Fame

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9. Pretty much every outfit she’s ever worn.

It is definitely worth pointing out on this list that Jennifer’s wardrobe has inspired millions upon millions of women across the world to try and look their best at all times. This is probably a lot to do with her ability to make the transition from ‘laid-back California girl’ to ‘A-list red carpet’ at the drop of a hat. Long may this inspiration continue!

Jennifer Aniston Style

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10. The huge amount of charity work she’s involved in.

What better way to round up this list than to point out that on top of all her work and family/friend commitments, Jennifer dedicates a huge amount of time to helping causes such as Friends of El Faro, Feeding America, GLAAD, Habitat for Humanity and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I guess she really is as close as you can get to being perfect in this day and age!

Jennifer Aniston Charity Work

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